Nicholas Dionysopoulos

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My profile photoHi there!

I am Nicholas Dionysopoulos. I am a developer — mostly PHP but I occasionally dabble in Dart/Flutter and anything else I get my hands on. I hail from Greece.

I mostly known as the lead developer of award-winning backup and security solutions for PHP-powered sites and a frequent contributor to the Joomla! CMS.

I am happily married to a fellow geek and have a daughter. We also have two pet cats. Or the cats have three pet humans. Jury's out on that one.

My hobbies are very stereotypical geeky. I love playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading books and watching TV and movies. Before the pandemic we used to frequently travel to talk to and attend conferences.

I came to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) back in the late 90s for the community and its ideology. FOSS has enriched my life, it is providing me with my livelihood, it gave me some of my closest friends and helped me meet my better half and soulmate. I am trying to give back to the world by sharing my software and the things I learn. The latter is the reason of existence of this blog.

I do try to respond to most comments or emails. However, my day only has 24 hours, I'm a human like you and I have a daughter. If you don't receive a timely reply or no reply at all don't take it personally.

Please don't send me unsolicited support requests for my software through my blog, email or personal social media profiles. I've tried that in the past and got burned out. Unfortunately, I now have to stick to a strict policy of only accepting support requests filed through our company's site, by paying clients. Over there we have more people than yours truly that can share the support load. You can always get peer support for free on our local Joomla or WordPress forum. I understand that a very small but very vocal minority may not agree with that policy. I am afraid that their loud objections can't change the fact that I am human, not an omnipresent deity or an AI.

When you do receive a reply from me do keep in mind that I am very direct in my communication — it's part my ADHD-affected personality. Most people aren't and I am keenly aware of that fact. What you experience is not me being aggressive towards you, it's me being direct. Please do the same. I don't pretend to know anything and truly believe we can all learn from each other.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  • HI Nicholas,

    I can say that I appreciate very much your publication since quiet a while...! (y)

    Just to let you know that you have a broken image link at the beginning of your about-me page !

    Here it is:


    Thank you for your work & also to your straight talking ;) Good job ! (y)

    Kind regards

  • Honest IT dude, nice to see. Ran into your website looking for a local SSL for dev, nice. If you ever make this into another awesome script, drop me a line on **email redacted** - love your stuff!
  • I was following your tutorial at https://dionysopoulos.local.web/custom-apache-and-php-server-on-macos-the-definitive-2019-edition/
    I reached the point where I tested http:/localhost
    Unfortunately, it wasn't recognizing my ~/Sites copy.
    I tried to find where Apache is actually serving from, but can't find it.
    Do you know the default directory's path and name?
    Thanks much.