Nicholas Dionysopoulos

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My profile photoHi there!

I am Nicholas Dionysopoulos. I am a developer — mostly PHP. I hail from Greece.

I known as the lead developer of award-winning backup and security solutions for PHP-powered sites.

I am happily married to a fellow geek and have a daughter. We also have two pet cats. Or the cats have three pet humans. Jury's out on that one.


  • HI Nicholas,

    I can say that I appreciate very much your publication since quiet a while...! (y)

    Just to let you know that you have a broken image link at the beginning of your about-me page !

    Here it is:


    Thank you for your work & also to your straight talking ;) Good job ! (y)

    Kind regards

  • Honest IT dude, nice to see. Ran into your website looking for a local SSL for dev, nice. If you ever make this into another awesome script, drop me a line on **email redacted** - love your stuff!
  • I was following your tutorial at https://dionysopoulos.local.web/custom-apache-and-php-server-on-macos-the-definitive-2019-edition/
    I reached the point where I tested http:/localhost
    Unfortunately, it wasn't recognizing my ~/Sites copy.
    I tried to find where Apache is actually serving from, but can't find it.
    Do you know the default directory's path and name?
    Thanks much.