Custom Apache and PHP server on macOS, the definitive 2019 edition

A few years ago I had written a blog post on setting up an Apache, MySQL and PHP web server on macOS. Many things have changed ever since and that tutorial became impossible to follow. Meanwhile my standard fallback local server, MAMP, has become too unstable and lagging behind the times to be practical. Other blog posts I read seem to be glossing over some details. So here you go, a tutorial on running a local Apache, MySQL, multiple PHP versions server on macOS Mojave using HomeBrew, updated for 2019. Bonus points: you can change the PHP version using the site’s .htaccess like you would on most live hosts. Read more “Custom Apache and PHP server on macOS, the definitive 2019 edition”

Custom PHP versions in MAMP PRO (macOS)

I wanted to test my software against PHP 7.3 on macOS instead of just my Linux machines and / or Docker containers. According to MAMP’s support “You cannot compile your own entire versions of PHP in MAMP PRO”. This is of course a ridiculous lie; they do it themselves so surely I can! This article walks you step by step to my process of adding PHP 7.3.0 to MAMP 5.2 on this lazy Saturday afternoon.

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Set up NginX and PHP for development on Mac OS X

If you want to start developing PHP applications, or merely work on your PHP-based site off-line, on Mac OS X you can easily do so. In this how-to we’ll see how you can set up NginX, a high performance web server, with the PHP version shipped with Mac OS X itself to create a local web server. In case you’re wondering, you can of course use it in parallel with MAMP, XAMPP or even the multi-PHP version server I’ve described in an earlier post.

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Apache, MySQL, PHP server on Mac OS X with multiple, simultaneous PHP versions

My last week’s blog post on running Apache, MySQL, PHP server on Windows with multiple, simultaneous PHP versions seems to have been a smash hit. This week we’ll be doing the same thing on Mac OS X. For those of you who didn’t click the link, I decided it would be a cool, geeky project to implement an Apache-MySQL-PHP web server without using a pre-packaged server like MAMP or Zend Server. My goal was to have the same sites run under different versions of PHP by just visiting a different URL on my browser. This makes cross-PHP testing of sites a piece of cake.

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Tools of the trade – Mac OS X edition

I’ve written in the past about the various tool I had been using to produce the web software I publish. I have recently converted to Mac OS X. I had promised you that I’d evaluate my web development experience on that platform and come back with a blog post about it. Here you go! This post is about all the tools I am using day after day and how they improved my productivity as a web developer.

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