K2 meets JCE 2.0 – love at first… site!

As you already know, I am a big fan of Ryan Demmer’s JCE (Joomla! Content Editor). It’s the one and only editor installed on all of my sites. I am also a huge fan of Nuevvo/JoomlaWork’s K2 CCK extension. It’s what powers this blog as well pretty much every other site I have ever and will ever build. Almost two years ago, I had written a nifty AdvLink plugin which enabled JCE 1.5.x to link to K2 categories and articles. Now that JCE 2.0 is being released, that plugin ceased to work. Guess what? I rewrote it and put it on steroids!

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How to Improve Your Joomla! Site Design

Joomla! is often paralleled to point-and-click presentation software, such as Impress or PowerPoint, in terms of ease of use. Granted, Joomla! makes it extremely easy to build a site having no knowledge of its internal working, or even what HTML is. However, in order to build a stunning site you need a bit more than that. It’s the tricks in the web builder’s bag which determine his success, both in customer satisfaction and financial terms.

Some of the fundamental techniques for creating compelling sites is your ability to master the use of modules. Often overlooked, modules are the most practical way to integrate diverse content on a single page. Leveraging their use from mere content bearers to integral parts of your content can transform your site from boring to intriguing. The following technique has proved itself again and again in a vast array of site genres. I call it the “Faux module positions” technique.

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Joomla! link handling has its shortcomings

As the maker of JoomlaPack Akeeba Backup – the Open Source utility to backup, restore and migrate your Joomla! site – I often have to face certain challenges. Like when a user told me that as soon as he transferred his site to a different domain, all links in his content would link to the “old” site. Fighting the temptation to dismiss it as a user error, I did some digging around. Throughout this journey I found out some of Joomla!’s link handling deficiencies, their repercussions and coded a workaround.

In this article I am going to talk about how Joomla! handles the link base and canonical URLs, as well as what happens when you migrate your site to a different domain, subdomain or even a subdirectory.

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