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Hello, I am Nicholas Dionysopoulos, a PHP developer (although Mechanical Engineer by education) from Greece. I am the lead developer of award-winning backup and security solutions for PHP-powered sites.

In my spare time I enjoy playing with my cat, playing the guitar, reading books (sci-fi and thrillers are my favourite genres), meeting with friends, going to the movies and roaming the world talking in conferences.

Despite widespread rumours to the contrary I am not a cyborg. My day has 24 hours, just like yours, and I do get to sleep about 7-ish hours a day. If you email me don’t expect an instant reply. If I don’t reply at all I either missed your email or you’re asking me for unsolicited support. Please don’t do the latter, I won’t reply because my day only has 24 hours.

I always speak my mind, raw and unfiltered. Tourette syndrome-like fits aside I am rather tame and do not bite. If unsure, approach with mild caution, preferably bearing a token gift in the form of coffee or other caffeinated beverage (beer will also do past 5 pm).

Above all I like making fun of myself and life in general. Life’s too short to take it (or ourselves) too seriously. Just go out there and do some epic shit!

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  1. Honest IT dude, nice to see. Ran into your website looking for a local SSL for dev, nice. If you ever make this into another awesome script, drop me a line on **email redacted** – love your stuff!

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