Dionysopoulos.me (referred to as "me", "I", "we" or "us") is a web site owned and operated by an individual, not a company. Its domain name is www.dionysopoulos.me I am operating this site as a personal blog and an area where you can find my not-for-profit software. Furthermore, this site offers free of charge content comment and software download services.

You can contact me through the contact page to initiate an email correspondence. Alternatively, you can contact me or via regular mail using the address Nikolaos Dionysopoulos, Leoforos Grammatikou 54, 19007 Grammatiko, Attiki, GREECE. Be advised that I live in an area considered "remote" by the postal service and I regularly travel for work. There is no guarantee when I will receive regular mail. Using the contact form is strongly encouraged when possible.

Scope of provided services

Viewing the articles ("blog posts" or "posts") on this site is a service provided free of charge. Kindly note that the posts are copyrighted by me and offered under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license unless otherwise specified. Access to the posts requires acceptance of the license. If you unsure about using part or the entirety of my work please use the Contact page to ask me.

Commenting on the articles is provided free of charge. You DO NOT need a user account to submit a comment. However, having a user account is strongly encouraged and a prerequisite for exercising your data rights under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

Downloads are provided free of charge and typically link to a third party service – such as GitHub – where they are hosted. Accessing downloads on a third party service is subject to the terms of service of the third party service.

No warranty

My services are provided as-is, without any warranty whatsoever.

Should the applicable law hold me, Nikolaos Dionysopoulos, or any party affiliated with me liable for damages, the maximum amount of damages acknowledged shall be no higher than 5 Euros. Shall any dispute arise between me and a third party, the only applicable jurisdiction is the Courts of Law of Rafina, Greece.

If you do not agree with these Terms, you are not allowed to use my services. Moreover, any use of our services implies the unconditional and immediate acceptance of the aforementioned terms, waiving your legal rights to uphold them. Acting in violation of these Terms of Service immediately terminates the business relationship between you and myself.

Actions for content beyond fair use and account termination policy

Your participation in the public and private discussions initiated or otherwise held on this site is subject to a request for civility and abiding by the laws of Greece and the European Union. If the content you submit to this site is deemed offensive, inappropriate, defamatory, objectionable, unlawful, uncivil, demeaning, malicious or you engage in disruptive behavior in any other wayI reserve the right to alter or remove the offending content, terminate your user account, block you from further participation and use your personal information to stop such behavior.

If I believe on reasonable grounds that you are in violation of the laws of Greece, or the European Union directives, I reserve the right to submit your personal information - including the content itself and any other relevant information about you - to the proper authorities, such as law enforcement, your ISP or school email / ISP.

I reserve the right to terminate user accounts the aforementioned fair use rules are violated. Furthermore, I reserve the right to terminate user accounts if the user is posting unsolicited messages (spam), engaged in sites or services promoting the unauthorised distribution of proprietary or other distributed for-a-fee software (warez), directly promoting or linking to resources promoting indecent or unlawful actions, or in any other way trying to disrupt or diminish the quality of the services offered by this site. Account termination takes place without prior notice and is considered final.

I reserve the right to terminate any further user accounts created by the holder of a terminated account, or any other person, business or organisation affiliated with or endorsed by the holder of a terminated account.

Zero hate speech and abuse tolerance

If you express hate speech against myself, any member participating in a conversation or a third person –including but not limited to derogatory comments about their gender, age, disabilities, ethnicity or religion– or engage in abusive behavior in any communication to myself over any medium –including but limited to comments, contact form on this or any other of my business or personal websites, email, phone, letter or social media– or communication referring to myself to any publicly accessible medium –including but not limited to social media, software directory sites and third party forums– I reserve the right to terminate your account without any prior warning. Furthermore, I reserve the right to block you from creating an account, as well as terminate without prior notice any further accounts you may create even if they are under a different identity I can reasonably trace back to you.

I am too old to deal with people who were never taught any manners and / or reek of privilege. Be civil and considerate or take the high road.

Updates to the Terms of Service

I reserve the right to add, remove or modify any section, article or paragraph of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without prior notice. The date at the top of the document will be updated to the last modification date. All changes are effective immediately. I strongly recommend that you read this page periodically to stay up to date with the terms of service.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the Privacy Policy page. For purposes of consent the Privacy Policy is considered to be an integral part of our Terms of Service.

Cookies policy

Please refer to the Cookies Policy page. For purposes of consent the Cookies Policy is considered to be an integral part of our Terms of Service.


If you have any question regarding our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Cookies Policy you may contact me by one of the following means:

  • Sending an email to nicholas at this domain name
  • Sending a tweet or a Twitter direct message to @sledge812
  • Alternatively, you can use the Contact link on every page of this site.

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