Cookies used on our site

A "cookie" is a small text file stored on your computer by web sites you have visited. Cookies are used to provide the visitors of web sites access to different features and functionalities. The information contained in the cookie can be used to monitor the way you are using the Internet. According to the European Union's e-privacy directive all of our visitors must have access to information which declare that this site is using cookies and describe the reason they are used. Visitors must also consent to the use of these cookies.

This web site is using the following cookies:

Cookie namePurposeType
0dd1dc00b7865bd55d89e5aecbef8f3e Session cookie. This is used to remember your pagination preferences and other temporary information while you're growing our site. The site cannot operate correctly without this cookie. Automatically removed after two hours of inactivity or when closing your browser. Mandatory


The width of your screen size in pixels, used to serve you the smallest possible image files across all pages of our site. Mandatory
loginguard_remember_* Security cookie. Only applies if you are logged in and have Two Step Verification enabled on your user account. This cookie is used to avoid asking you for your Two Step Verification information if you log into the site from the same browser frequently. Mandatory




Temporary user interface information set up whenever you use the rich text editor on our site, e.g. filing comment, submitting a contact request etc.



Google Analytics

This web site makes use of the "Google Analytics" third party analytics tool to gather information about the way visitors use ths site. We have configured "Google Analytics" to not use any kind of cookies.

Furthermore, our site is using IP address anonymization for the "Google Analytics" tool. This means that the last octet of IPv4 IP addresses and the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses are replaced by zeroes before they are sent to and collected by the third party "Google Analytics" service. The replacement takes place in the memory of your web browser and is never stored on disk or transmitted over the network. Therefore your IP address is never recorded permanently as a result of our use of "Google Analytics".

As a result what Google Analytics collects is not personally identifiable information.

Embedded content

This site may be occasionally embed content from third party sites such as but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. As explained below we are in no way able to control whether these sites will set cookies on your browser. Please refer to the next section for ways to protect yourself against third party cookies.

How to avoid cookies

Our site gives you the option to consent to the use of cookies when you first visit our site. Moreover, you can revoke or give again your consent at any time through the clearly marked controls at the bottom of every page of our site. If you revoke your consent only the cookies marked as Mandatory above will be sent to your browser.

Please note that revoking consent does NOT remove third party cookies from your web browser since there is no technical means to do so (third party cookies are managed by third party sites; as such, has no control over their expiration and presence on your web server). Please remember to delete such cookies manually.

If you prefer to reject cookies by default, you can change your web browser settings to that effect. All major browsers let you either reject cookies by default or ask you if you want to accept cookies. All major browsers allows you to review and / or delete cookies which have been stored on your computer in the past. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you turn on the Do Not Track feature on your browser. For more information please refer to the documentation of your web browser.

Not all third party services honor the Do Not Track feature and not all browsers offer this feature. We strongly recommend using a third party cookie blocker on your browser such as EFF's Privacy Badger. On top of that, we recommend using a browser with strong privacy protections built in, such as Mozilla Firefox with its Containers extension.

Kindly note that rejecting the cookies marked above as Mandatory will make it impossible for you to use our site properly. It will make it technically impossible to log into our site or use the pagination elements e.g. to navigate between pages listing blog posts.