Having a Windows Mobile powered cell phone has its advantages over a "regular" cell phone. The larger screen, the wealth of added value applications and the power of almost infinite user experience customization being the spearhead of these devices, it came naturally to me wanting to personalize every aspect of the user interface. In this post I'll present some user interface customizations I dug up from the web. Some of them are only applicable to HTC devices (and therefore marked with "HTC" on the title), others apply to any device powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional or Classic.

Most of these tricks require messing with the registry. This is potentially risky and could get your device stuck; in this case, you'd have to hard reset it to get it working again. Take a full backup of your device data before trying any of these tricks! If you need a PocketPC registry editor, here's one which is free. For some tricks, you'll need to replace files in the Windows folder, which isn't possible with the included File Explorer. In this case you can use the Total Commander CE program, which is also free.

I have also stumbled upon a very comprehensive blog on Pocket PC tips (some of the entries are in Greek, though), a great source of inspiration for this blog post.

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